How to Choose Between Human Hair and Synthetic Wigs

In today’s world, hair is as big a fashion accessory as jewelry, and wigs can be worn just as interchangeably. Those out in the market for wigs should know that there are two types: those made from actual human hair and those made from synthetic materials. Which to buy depends entirely on preference, but here are a few key differences.
  • Texture. Since human hair wigs are actual hair, the texture is natural. Synthetic wigs are made of fibers which may be thicker and have an unusually high luster.
  • Styling. Human hair can be curled and styled. It is also heat resistant. Synthetic hair is often pretreated into a permanent style which does not need curling. Synthetic hair can also be flammable and should not be exposed to heat.
  • Durability. Human hair is more susceptible to damage such as breaking and split ends. While the ends can be clipped unlike living hair from a scalp, it will not grow back. Synthetic hair is more durable and does not need as much maintenance.
Wigs are used cosmetically to boost confidence, whether it is out of necessity or convenience.



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