What is 360 lace frontal wigs ? And what the difference with 360 lace frontal?

If you asked what is the hottest topic for lace wigs in market for now,you must surprise by our answer,it is not full lace wigs,not lace front wigs.it is 360 lace wigs!

But less people know what is a 360 lace wig.here we will help you get that.

In fact it is updated on base of 360 lace frontals,but it is different,here is the 360 lace wig cap construction,please see it at first.

It is 360 degree with full lace around with hand made hair pieces,and middle with machine made cap in crown.in back with adjust strip,and also with combs.it is 4inch in front,back is 2inch wide.

Here is the size of the cap :

Since we had know what is 360 lace wig,then you must be curious what the difference between 360 lace frontal wigs and 360 lace frontal?

1: 360 lace wig it is a lace wig,it can be wear direct,no need sew with human hair wefts,but 360 lace frontal is a kind of lace frontals.it should be wear together with human hair wefts.

2:both 360 lace frontal wig and 360 lace frontal hand made part is the same size.all 4inch in front,and 2inch in back.

3:both of them can choose same hair style,such as straight,wave,curl,yaki and so on.

And also can choose same hair texture,such as indian hair,chinese hair,brazilian hair,malaysian hair and so on.



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